What Happened to Kiesha on The Chi?

October 11, 2023

If you're a fan of The Chi, you probably know all about Kiesha's terrifying ordeal in Season 3. The free-spirited and promiscuous character vanished from a bus stop and was kidnapped by Omari. She spent three episodes chained to his basement bed, and viewers were apprehensive that she'd be found dead. Fortunately, the show gave Kiesha the life-saving chance to escape during the citywide power outage.

The Chi continues to show young Black people growing up in Chicago's South Side, and its authenticity is clear in every shot. Birgundi Baker, who plays Kiesha, says that the series has taken on a lot of traumatic situations for its characters. But Kiesha's abduction remains one of the most powerful and difficult plotlines in the Showtime original series' history.

Baker explains that the Kiesha storyline was inspired by real-life events involving Black women who are kidnapped and held captive, particularly those who are found in domestic situations. She says that exploring this narrative was a way for The Chi to correct the injustice of missing Black women, while also showing that Black women are capable of being survivors.

While it's unclear if Kiesha will ever fully recover from her ordeal, we're glad to see that she's finally on the road to healing. She's finally starting to move on with her life, and she's been able to find a job after the trauma of being trapped underground for so long.


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