What Happened to Kris Aquino?

March 7, 2023

What happened to kris aquino

Kris Aquino is an actress, TV host, product endorser, producer and philanthropist who comes from a very prominent family in the Philippines. Her mother Corazon Cojuangco and her brother Benigno S Aquino III were both presidents of the country.

Her siblings are also into various fields and are making their own names in the industry. They include Victoria Elisa, Aurora Corazon and Maria Elena Aquino.

She is a famous personality who has become known all over the world and is loved by many. She is also a good example of how a Filipino woman should be.

A fake video circulating on social media claims that Kris Aquino died and her remains are on their way back to the Philippines. This video is a hoax and was immediately taken down by FB.

Despite the rumor, her family is adamant that she is still alive and is receiving treatment in Houston, Texas. She has been undergoing chemotherapy and immunotherapy for her undiagnosed autoimmune diseases.

Kris has a number of autoimmune diseases and has been battling them for years. She has been able to stay positive despite the health challenges that she is facing.

She also credits her friends and family for being strong in this time of need. They have prayed for her and are still praying for her recovery.

After staying away from social media for almost two months to focus on her recovery, Kris Aquino finally gave a medical update and assured everyone that she is still fighting. Despite a possible fifth addition to her list of autoimmune conditions, Kris is still at peace with herself and believes that she will come out stronger in the end.


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