What Happened to Kris Kross?

October 9, 2023

The '90s were an exciting time for music in general and hip hop and rap in particular. And one of the earliest acts to make a big splash in the scene was the duo Kris Kross. Their debut single Jump was a hit and they became known for their unique style of wearing their clothes backwards.

But what happened to kris kross? The pair, composed of Chris Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith, were the youngest hip-hop duo to achieve success with gold and platinum albums at ages 12 and 13, respectively. They were discovered by rapper Jermaine Dupri at an Atlanta mall in 1991 and released their first album Totally Krossed Out the following year.

After their breakup, they each went down separate musical paths but reunited in 1996 to do a couple more albums before moving on to an older sound. They continued to perform at kids-centric events but largely focused on their own projects after their heyday as young hit-makers faded.

Then tragedy struck in 2013 when Kelly was found unresponsive at his home and later died at an Atlanta hospital. His death was ruled a drug overdose. He had been using heroin and cocaine, according to police.

After the death of his partner in crime, Smith decided to find new outlets for his creativity. He created and runs the Atlanta-based Urbane Muse brand. The company offers clothing (jackets, t-shirts, hoodies), shoes, accessories and curated art prints that can be purchased online.


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