What Happened to Kyle on Mountain Men?

July 11, 2023

Kyle Bell is a well-known American reality TV star who has made his name with the hit show, Mountain Men. The show follows individuals who live a secluded life without modern technology. They hunt, fish, and gather for their daily needs using the natural resources around them. This has become a popular trend for people who are interested in living a simpler lifestyle. The show is a great success and has won many hearts since its inception. Kyle has an impressive net worth and he is married to LeVonne Bell. He also runs his own hunting company, Folsom Outfitters, which earns him a decent amount of money.

What Happened to kyle on mountain men?

In the third season of the show, Kyle Bell and his son Ben put their mountain man skills to the test in New Mexico’s Cimarron Valley. Later, they are forced to defend their home against a voracious wolverine. Meanwhile, in Montana, Tom Oar faces a blood feud with wolves while deep in Alaska’s wilderness Marty Meierotto struggles to trap enough meat for winter.

Eventually, Kyle and his son left the show after season 5. They did not appear in the following seasons of the show. Since then, the two have kept a low profile and have not uploaded any videos on their YouTube channel. Kyle’s last blog post was posted in 2016, which suggests that he has opted for a private life. He is probably spending most of his time running his successful hunting business.


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