What Happened to La Vie Candy?

September 10, 2023


What if the end of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was followed by Prohibition and Mr Wonka disappeared? This imaginative story of a town knee-deep in confectionary chaos and a missing teddy bear will thrill children (and adults) alike. Described by Scholastic as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Bugsy Malone for 9+ readers", this original and highly-enjoyable read is perfect for candy lovers everywhere.

Nelle is twelve years old and she has lived without candy for the past three years, since the mayor declared a candy prohibition making sweets illegal. She fills her time by solving other kids' mysteries, such as when Eddie's teddy bear goes missing. Bobby runs a speakeasy where kids can enjoy candy in secret, but he faces competition from gangs led by Waffles and the mean-spirited Sweetcakes.


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