What Happened to Ladder 118?

July 29, 2023

When Aaron McLamb snapped a photo of ladder 118 during the September 11 attacks, he didn’t know that none of the men inside would survive their daring mission. But by the time the firefighters met their end, they had assisted many people to safety.

When the second plane slammed into the Twin Towers, Ladder 118 from the Middagh St. firehouse was asked to help at the World Trade Center. Firefighters Vernon Cherry, Leon Smith, Joey Agnello, Pete Vega, Robert Regan, and Scott Davidson quickly jumped into their truck mom=ents and sped off towards the calamity.

Aaron spotted the firetruck on the Brooklyn Bridge and eagerly snapped a picture of it, even telling a colleague “here comes the 118.” He didn’t know that the crew members from Ladder 118/Engine 205 would not make it back from the disaster they were rushing to assist in.

As soon as he developed the photo, Aaron brought it to the firehouse and the guys immediately recognized the truck. They examined it with a magnifying glass and determined that the orange stokes basket, the saw box that stuck out, and the ladder were all Ladder 118 trademarks.

The families of the six brave men from Ladder 118/Engine 207 don’t see each other as often as they used to. But they still share a special bond that grew out of the moment immortalized on film. The families also visit the graves of their fallen brothers. Their simple yet elegant headstones sit on a quiet grassy slope, shaded by a canopy of trees.


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