What Happened to Laurie Strode's Son John?

July 12, 2023

When Laurie Strode killed Michael Myers in 1978, it left her traumatized to the core. She is now constantly on edge, living in a state of survival mode. She is a prisoner of her own past, and she knows that when Michael does break out and go on another killing spree, he will be coming for her again.

It’s no secret that Laurie has a son named John. The film that introduced him to the world was Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, and he was played by Josh Hartnett. However, John doesn’t appear in the subsequent movies. Fans have been wondering what happened to him.

In the movie, John and his mother, Keri, were driving to school when they ran into Michael and Molly. They all escaped from the car and tried to hide in the Beckers’ house, but Michael followed them back there. He was about to kill them all when John yelled at him to get out of his way. John then grabbed Molly and stabbed him in the leg before running off into the woods.

They eventually ended up in their school, and they were greeted by Keri who told them that she had to leave for work. John wanted to stay and have fun with his friends, but Keri refused because of the trauma that her son had just been through. They were both able to escape from the school, and they managed to make it home just in time before Michael came after them.


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