What Happened to Levi and Lainey Chisholm?

July 29, 2023

The twin toddlers from Zionsville who were rescued after suffering near-drownings in November of 2021 have made significant progress. But, their mom says, their journey is far from over.

When Scott and Meagan Chisholm’s twin toddlers, Levi and Lainey, were pulled from the water in an indoor pool at a friend’s house last Thanksgiving, it changed their lives forever. Lainey was discharged Dec. 6, 2020, but Levi is still struggling to recover from anoxic brain injury — a lack of oxygen that he suffered.

In the months since, the family’s community has stepped up to support them with fundraisers and events. Meagan has shared their story to help other families find strength during their own dark times. And now they’re on a mission to pay it forward.

The family’s latest project is a Race for Levi virtual event that will be held March 13th-19th. They are inviting people from all over the world to join them as they run, walk, or ride to honor Levi and pray for his full recovery.

The proceeds from this race will be used to pay for out-of-state functional neurology and stem cell treatments. The goal is to restore Levi to the point that he can rejoin his sister and their whole family in full health. Prayer remains the absolute, one-and-only request of the Chisholm family through this entire experience.


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