What Happened to Levi and Lainey?

July 11, 2023


Last November, three year old twins Levi and Lainey were almost drowned in a near-fatal swimming accident at a friend’s house. They both survived, but Levi has significant brain damage. After the widespread sharing of their story on social media, many people have generously donated to help Levi recover. The Chisholm family is determined to pay it forward and use their journey as a means of helping others in need.

As a way to say thank you, they commissioned New Orleans artist and designer Jason Osborne to create an original piece of artwork. It now hangs in their home and serves as a constant reminder that the community is here for them, standing with faith, hope, and love.

Meagan and Scott have been blessed with the ability to pursue hyperbaric oxygen therapy, stem cell treatment, and innovative chiropractic care to give Levi a chance at recovery. While these treatments aren’t covered by insurance, they remain hopeful that one day Levi will be fully healed so he can rejoin his sister, brother Connor, and older sister Charley in full health.

Your participation in the virtual race gives the family hope that they will never be alone on their journey. The most important request remains prayer, but this virtual race also allows the family to continue the fight for their little boy, so he can run around with his sisters and brothers in full health.


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