What Happened to Lex Luger?

March 23, 2024

Show any fan of wrestling from its 1990s heyday a picture of Lex Luger and they will instantly recognise him. The 65-year-old was once one of the biggest names in the industry and he made his name as a huge heel who bragged about his bulging body.

But in a recent interview with TheHannibalTV, the former wrestler opens up about his personal life and his descent into drugs. He says that in April 2003, police were called to a house that he shared with girlfriend Miss Elizabeth Hulette after she was found dead. Bruises on her face were visible and authorities feared she had been killed.

The next day, cops searched the townhouse and found more than 100 bottles of steroids, growth hormones, painkillers, alcohol and other drugs. Luger was arrested on 14 drug possession charges, 13 of them felonies. The audio from his distraught 911 call was broadcast worldwide.

Even after his incarceration, the wrestler was still able to get out and about on short walks thanks to the assistance of a metal cane. But after a while, he began to lose his mobility and now has to rely on a wheelchair for longer distances. Luger believes his spinal cord injury was brought on by years of playing football and wrestling but also admits that it could have been something else entirely. Regardless, the man who once bench pressed and squatted more than 800 pounds now struggles to get out of bed on a daily basis.


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