What Happened to Lexi and Cassie's Dad?

March 7, 2023

what happened to lexi and cassies dad

what happened to lexi and cassie's dad

Lexi has been trying to hold onto her friendship with Rue (Zendaya) for a long time, even after Rue stopped supporting Cassie's dream of becoming a professional ice skater. She tried to do it by keeping up with Rue on social media and sending her gifts, but as Lexi grew up, her friendship began to fracture.

Rue's father, Gus Howard, wasn't exactly the kind of guy that Lexi would have liked in her childhood. He was handsome, but also had a history of being hit on by other women. Despite his looks, he was never able to afford a career in the ice skating world.

Suze, their mother, wasn't a fan of him either. She got jealous of his flirting and resentful about him being with other women.

As a result, her relationship with her parents became strained. They didn't always show each other any affection and both of their parents were alcoholic.

Her brother Nate, meanwhile, was always a toxic presence in their lives. He wasn't a good person and constantly put his family in danger.

In her play, Lexi reveals the true extent of her pain. She repressed it for years, targeting men who hurt families and used women as pawns.

Euphoria failed to give us many moments that felt meaningful this season, but Lexi's play is certainly one of the most impactful. It forced her sister and other characters to reexamine their toxic relationships with each other and remember how romantic their young lives were.


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