What Happened to Lia Sophia?

July 29, 2023

For those of you who may have missed the news, what happened to lia sophia was that the company decided to shut down its operations. It came as a shock to the fans and lovers of this brand present in the USA, as the business environment was quite challenging. Moreover, there were lots of other competitors in the market who were offering more innovative products and services to the customers, which made it hard for lia sophia to survive.

Lia Sophia was a fashion jewelry business that enlisted thousands of women as independent sales reps, similar to Avon and Tupperware. Customers could buy from everyday pieces for less than $20 up to more formal, red carpet-inspired items priced up to $1,000. Some of the higher-end pieces were designed by Nylon magazine’s then-style director and marketed with celebrity endorsements, including a pair worn by Oprah on the cover of her Oprah Winfrey Show magazine.

When the company’s closure was announced, a flood of messages poured onto the company’s Facebook page from people surprised by the announcement and grateful to the business for the opportunity it created for stay-at-home moms and other women looking to earn supplemental income. They also expressed anger that they would be left with starter kits unused and frustration that the company didn’t follow through on its promise to honor a lifetime replacement guarantee.

In November 2017, a federal judge preliminarily approved a settlement that would resolve a class-action lawsuit brought by Lia Sophia customers and sales advisers who claimed the company misled them about its lifetime replacement guarantee. The lawsuit, filed by Chicago lawyer Tory Kiam, who is the son of Lady Remington founder Victor Kiam (the company once hawked women’s electric shavers), alleges that the company knew it would close down and attempt to extinguish its lifetime guarantee.


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