What Happened to Linda on Blue Bloods?

October 12, 2023

Blue Bloods fans were shocked to learn what happened to linda on blue bloods. The show's Season 8 premiere revealed that the registered nurse had died in a helicopter crash. While the storyline took place off-screen, it was still a heartbreaking moment for many fans.

The reason why this was a surprise is because Carlson was a series regular for seven seasons and had been an integral part of the family. Her presence at the Sunday evening dinners allowed viewers to see a different side of the police procedural and she was not afraid to voice her opinions. She had also been through her share of close calls on the job.

In the Blue Bloods season five finale, she cared for a patient who witnessed the murder of NYPD Assistant Chief Donald Kent. As a result, her coworker's son was pressured into carrying out a hit on her at St. Victor's hospital. She survived the shooting, but was forced to meet a therapist because of the post-traumatic stress disorder it caused her.

It was later revealed that Carlson decided not to renew her contract with the show and that she was killed off in a helicopter crash as a way to give her character an honorable exit. While some may not like this, it was a fair enough decision given the circumstances and that she would have likely been replaced anyway. However, it is clear that this storyline has been a source of distress for Carlson as she continues to express her displeasure with how the character was written off.


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