What Happened to Lisa Kelly and Darrell Ward Trucking Company?

October 19, 2023

Lisa Kelly appeared on several seasons of Ice Road Truckers before taking a break from the show in the middle of Season 7. The news of her hiatus was met with a lot of concern and speculation, as many fans were hoping that she was avoiding filming because of the tragic death of a fellow cast member. However, she quickly put those rumours to rest by reassuring fans that she was taking time off from the show due to personal issues.

What Happened to lisa kelly and darrell ward trucking company

As a popular reality TV show, Ice Road Truckers has been home to its fair share of dramatic twists and turns. One of the most devastating events in the show’s history was when the late Darrell Ward died in a plane crash in 2016. He was a fan-favourite and an icon in the trucking world, who was well-known for his self-professed love of adrenaline and his philanthropic efforts.

When he passed away, the loss was felt by trucking fans across the globe. Many rallied together to support his family and loved ones, while countless events were held in his honour. He will never be forgotten, and his legacy continues to live on through reruns of the show.

While it was a difficult decision, Lisa Kelly made the choice to shut down her company after Darrell’s death. However, she didn’t disappear completely from the trucking world. She continued to work as a truck driver, and her determination and love of the open road have continued to inspire others. She currently resides in Alaska with her husband, Traves. The pair are avid outdoorsmen, and they enjoy everything from skiing to horseback riding to motocross.


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