What Happened to Litzi Botello on Port Protection?

July 11, 2023

There’s a good chance that if you watch reality shows like Life Below Zero and Port Protection, you probably aren’t surprised to learn that a few of the cast members have died. After all, it’s pretty hard to survive in the remote Alaskan wilderness for a long time without tragedy hitting from time to time. However, even though it’s morbid to think about, people love to watch these folks live in dangerous situations and see what happens to them.

Litzi Botello was a 60-year-old Mexican woman who gained notoriety after her appearance on the National Geographic show, Port Protection. The show follows a group of less than 100 people living in the remote northwest corner of Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. In the series, viewers get to know their lives, struggles, and triumphs. Litzi was known for her story of overcoming the challenges of her life as a one-armed woman in Port Protection.

Despite being an important part of the Port Protection cast, she kept her personal life to herself. She lived with her husband, John Beans and raised two sons Johnny and Leland Caulder Botello. However, she didn’t talk about her sons much and was never seen with them on the show. She passed away in 2021.

Litzi was a great friend of the show’s star, Gary Muehlberger and went fishing with him often. She also participated in community events and was a very active member of the local church.


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