What Happened to Liz From Swamp People?

October 19, 2023

Gator Queen Liz, as she was known for her sharpshooting skills and straightforward personality, quickly became a fan favorite on the History Channel reality series. Many were shocked when she abruptly stopped appearing in the show, and were wondering what happened to her. The truth is, she simply decided to move on with her life and take up new opportunities. She also didn’t want to be a part of the show anymore, as she wanted to focus on her business and family.

Gators have always been a big part of Liz’s life and she is one of the best gator hunters around. She has been hunting alligators for over 25 years and even taught her son, Destin, how to do it when he was young. She also has a daughter, Jessica from her previous marriage, whom she is very close to.

She made her way to Swamp People in season two as a replacement for Clint Landry and soon was a main character on the show. She was a great addition to the cast and helped viewers understand that hunting isn’t always easy. She often helped her team meet their daily quota and was a great help to the swamp community.

Liz was fired in 2015 along with numerous other cast members after a decision was made by the production company Original Media. The company asked her to remove her social media posts, but Liz didn’t take the request well and continued to talk about it publicly.


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