What Happened to Liz on Swamp People?

October 8, 2023

What Happened to Liz On Swamp People

Elizabeth Choate, better known as Gator Queen Liz, was one of the most beloved cast members on the History Channel reality show Swamp People. Her sharpshooting skills and fearless attitude made her a favorite among the viewers of the show. So, when she decided to leave the show in 2015, fans were a bit flabbergasted. But what happened to her and why did she leave the show?

In a series of social media posts, she explained that the producers of the show, Original Media, had made some drastic changes in the management staff and fired many of the original cast members. The production company did not like her post and asked her to take it down, but Gator Queen did not let the matter drop.

Then, she went on to explain that she wanted to continue to hunt gators on her own terms and not for the sake of the show. She has been doing just that since leaving the show, and she also runs her own website where she sells merch to her loyal fans. She and her husband Justin reside on Pecan Island in Louisiana. They have a daughter, Jessica, and two stepsons, Daimon and Destin.

Despite her busy schedule, Gator Queen Liz has been keeping in touch with her fans on Facebook. She has been posting about her daughter’s struggle with substance abuse and has promised to fight back against it. Her fans are rooting for her and hope she makes a comeback soon.


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