What Happened to Lone Star Law James Cummings Wife?

March 7, 2023

what happened to lone star law james cummings wife

What Happened to Lone Star Law James Cummings Wife

When we talk about a Texas game warden, there is no doubt about that this individual has had an eventful and interesting life. He has taken care of his four children, worked for hours as a warden and has been in the news in more ways than one.

Initially, James gained recognition as a game warden by being featured on a TV program that highlighted these people. The viewers loved what they saw and grew to be attached to the man as well.

In the present day, his spouse Gina Dejesus is a bit of a mystery. While the couple has reportedly been hitched for many years, they have yet to speak about their love life.

The most impressive thing about Cummings and his wife is that they have four kids. While this may be impressive, the particulars regarding their names, ages and even their id are all a bit of a mystery for the time being.

What Is The Net Worth of James Cummings?

There is no official information available on the amount of money that Cummings has in his bank account, however it is estimated that he is rich enough to hire an entire department of his own. A standard yearly pay of a wildlife superintendent in 2018 was around $57k, so it is safe to assume that Cummings could be making a nice sum of honest cash.

The oh so smart-looking game warden has the best of all worlds in his personal life and work. This season, he is tasked with investigating the following:


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