What Happened to Loretta Lynn's Son Jack?

July 11, 2023

While the Coal Miner’s Daughter singer is a mother to several children, one of them died at a young age. As a result, the country star was heartbroken. However, she managed to get over this tragedy.

In addition to her two daughters, Loretta Lynn has four other sons and a grandson. Sadly, her oldest son Jack died on July 22, 1984. The tragic incident took place when the 34-year-old was trying to ford the Duck River on the family’s ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. He was struck in the head and drowned.

According to Country Thang Daily, Jack was born on December 7, 1949. He was the first child of the country star and her husband Oliver who was better known as Doolittle. He looked a lot like his father but didn’t pursue a music career like his sisters. Jack worked as a blacksmith and trained horses on the family’s ranch.

He also served in the US Army and was stationed in Korea after graduating high school. Despite his untimely death, his parents have continued to live in the area of Hurricane Mills and work on their family ranch. They haven’t experienced another tragic incident for at least a decade or so until the death of their youngest granddaughter Jeffrey Allen Lynn in 2016. Jack’s younger sister pair, Peggy and Patsy, are the most successful of Loretta’s kids. They’ve both released multiple albums and have won many awards. This has made the siblings popular amongst the public.


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