What Happened to Lou and Jared on Car Fix?

September 10, 2023

While there has been no official word from Lou and Jared about why they aren’t on Car Fix anymore, many people have speculated that they may have had a falling out with the show’s producers. It’s also possible that they weren’t happy with the direction that the show was going in, or that they just wanted to move on to other projects.

Whatever the reason, it’s no secret that fans are disappointed that they aren’t seeing their favorite hosts on TV anymore. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like there are any plans to bring them back to the show anytime soon.

What Happened to Lou and Jared on Car Fix

Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman first started appearing together on the Car Fix show on Motor Trend (now Velocity) in 2010. They were known for fixing anything that came their way: from cool classic cars to modern vehicles. They were also able to give viewers a lot of hints on how they can do much of the same work at home, on their own.

In addition to repairing and upgrading full-size automobiles, Jared also knows a thing or two about small vehicles. He once teamed up with the Soap Box Derby to show viewers how to build a soapbox car from scratch.

Jared is also a big animal lover. He once posted on his Instagram page about befriending a duck that was hanging around his shop. He named the duck Reggie.


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