What Happened to Luca on SWAT?

March 20, 2024

Kenny Johnson has been a major part of swat for a long time and in season 7 the actor was downgraded from series regular to recurring but that doesn't mean that he won't appear again. According to TVLine the actor will be returning for a few episodes of this season and it seems like his official sendoff will occur after those.

Luca is back in LA after his counterterrorism training seminar in London. He's eager to get back to work and spends the first day of his return teaching Kelly Stewart how to drive, although he loses his temper after she nearly drives into a T intersection. Afterwards, he and Street discuss the Vanity Killer whom Luca suspects fed his victims by taking food from petrol stations. Luca later goes with Hondo to investigate the disappearance of Keri, then he and the team begin hunting down Drummond.

While we don't know exactly what happened to Luca on swat, the episode that kicked off the final season certainly didn't give fans an easy time of it. Both he and Alex Russell were removed from the opening credits sequence and that was a big snub for the original cast members of the show. It's also been revealed that both Russell and Johnson will only be a recurring presence on the final season of the CBS series.


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