What Happened to Madison Glassman?

July 29, 2023

Madison glassman has been a part of the WAVY TV 10 news team for two and a half years. She is an accomplished Journalist and has an impressive portfolio. She recently left the station to begin her work at a new network.

As per her social media accounts, she lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She is an avid traveler and enjoys listening to country music when she’s not on the job. She is also very fond of animals. She often posts pictures of her dog Shaun on her Instagram account.

She is an outspoken individual who is not afraid to speak her mind. She has a very good public image and is well-liked by many people. She is a very ambitious person and always strives to achieve her goals. She has a positive attitude towards life and believes that everyone should live their dreams.

Despite being a popular journalist, madison glassman is not married yet. She has a long-term relationship with her beau Tyler Jones. The duo frequently shares pictures together on their Instagram account. Jones is a 2015 University of Oklahoma alumnus.

It is not known whether she has any siblings. Moreover, it is not known how much money she earns through her career as a journalist. However, she is said to have a net worth of 1 Million – 5 Million (Approx.) as of 2022. She also has a luxurious house in Portsmouth, Virginia. The house is reportedly worth more than $1 million.


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