What Happened to Maggie in the Walking Dead Season 5

March 23, 2024

What happened to maggie in the walking dead

Lauren Cohan's character made a comeback earlier this season. It was a long time coming but fans were delighted to see her once again in The Walking Dead, especially after she saved Gabriel from certain doom in the episode "Go Getters".

Maggie is the leader of Hilltop which thrives under her stewardship. However, her relationship with Negan is still strained and she continues to have some anger issues. During the episode, she's seen with a bruise which could be an indication that she was hurt in a physical confrontation with one of the Saviors. It could also be the result of the fight with Leah who was sent by Lance to kill her.

During the fifth season, Maggie becomes more and more traumatized by her encounters with the zombies. It appears as though she's becoming an atheist although it's possible that by the end of the season she has repossessed her faith again.

The Walking Dead has a habit of skipping through many years in the show's timeline, and it's likely that Maggie has now become a teenager. Despite this, her character remains strong and independent. Her relationship with Hershel is still strong as well and she's now the leader of a new community called The Bricks which is on the run from Negan. As well as this, she's now pregnant which gives her a whole other level of motherly ferocity to keep her baby alive.


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