What Happened to Makayla Noble?

April 4, 2024

Sixteen-year-old makayla noble, also known as Mak, is a world champion cheerleader from Prosper, north of Dallas. She's known for her competitive high-flying gymnastics and enthusiastic personality. On September 20, the varsity cheerleader was practicing a backflip, a maneuver that involves flipping, twisting and rolling. But when she tried to land, her body twisted and landed upside down on the floor, causing her to break her neck.

That's when she realized that her spinal cord injury was severe and that she had lost feeling in her legs. Makayla was hospitalized for weeks and then transferred to TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston for therapy.

The facility specializes in treating patients with spinal cord injuries. It took a while for Makayla to get accustomed to her new life, she says. She was surrounded by other patients in wheelchairs, and it wasn't easy. But she was determined to show them that even with a broken neck, they could still have a full and productive life.

She continued to document her journey on social media, inspiring many along the way. But recently, she posted on the Facebook group Makayla's Fight that she had a big surprise to share.

Makayla was able to make her school's cheer team again! She credits her athletic determination and competitive spirit honed in cheer for her continued progress. She has a lot of goals ahead for herself and hopes to keep people inspired. She plans to attend college and eventually travel to 14 countries. And, though she may need to rethink her career plan, she doesn't want her spinal cord injury to stop her from reaching those dreams.


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