What Happened to Malaysia Pargo's Brother From Basketball Wives?

August 24, 2023

Malaysia Pargo is a reality TV star, entrepreneur, jewellery designer, and businesswoman. The Compton native became famous for her appearance in the show Basketball Wives. She is the ex-wife of former NBA player and coach Jannero Pargo.

The loss of her younger brother Dontae Hayes due to police brutality has scarred Malaysia Pargo and left a deep mark on her. She fears that her children could face the same fate one day and that’s why she wants to have a heart-to-heart talk with them about interacting with the police.

On the latest episode of 'Basketball Wives,' Malaysia discussed her concerns with her son Jannero. She mentioned that her anxiety has heightened because of the number of Black people killed at the hands of police officers. She said that she would love to join her friends at protests in support of Black Lives Matter, but her grief over the death of her brother makes her unable to go.

Malaysia also discussed how she has discouraged her son from wearing hoodies because she doesn’t want him to be afraid of the police. She is worried that he could end up like her brother and that he should always be on the right side of the law. She is hoping that her son will grow up to be a successful entrepreneur and be proud of his African-American heritage. Malaysia is an entrepreneur in her own right as she owns the company Three Beats Jewelry and has partnered with Hedgecock Creed to create a bedding line.


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