What Happened to Mallory Gulley?

July 29, 2023

Mallory Gulley came into the spotlight in the wake of appearing on the Discovery Channel’s TV Series, 'Road Outlaws.' The young street racer gained recognition and fame for her work on the show. After she made her debut appearance, she became a household name for being an expert on how to drive fast cars. However, she hasn't been seen for a long time now and fans are wondering what happened to her.

Gulley grew up with her father Kenneth, who owns a garage in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Throughout her childhood, she was surrounded by cars and developed a passion for racing. When she was 15, her father gave her a car and encouraged her to participate in street races. She did and was able to win the hearts of her fellow competitors. She soon began her career in the racing industry and grew to love it.

The young racer also carries out her business sense as she models merchandise for KEG Motorsports. She has her own e-commerce site where she sells her products. She has an impressive following on her social media pages and has a good reputation in the business world.

Although it is unclear why she stopped making appearances on the show, we can assume that she wanted to take a break to spend quality time with her family and friends. As a matter of fact, she is very close to her family and values their relationship. She doesn't have any boyfriends yet and is currently single.


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