What Happened to Mario Judah?

March 29, 2024

During the height of mumble rap’s popularity, Mario Judah found himself on the cusp of mainstream success. The young rapper had started to create a name for himself with a few releases and had even gone on to perform at Rolling Loud, an ultra-prestigious festival. Then, everything took a turn. Mario reportedly went on a hiatus and it left fans wondering what happened to mario judah.

In early 2020, Mario Judah was having a rough go of it. He was creating beats and finding some traction but the work wasn’t quite paying off like he’d hoped. Eventually, someone suggested that he try writing hooks for artists to sing. This is what would ultimately save the young rapper’s career.

It wasn’t long before Mario leaned into his humorous personality with a bit of satire. The singer/songwriter started to make a few parody songs that fans absolutely loved. He made some references to popular mumble rap artists and the internet ate it up.

The next move that Mario Judah made was one of the most controversial and arguably the most impactful. The MC released a video where he appeared to be beating up his girlfriend and he used that footage to create a viral social media campaign for the National Domestic Abuse Helpline.

The video had people on their toes and it also made headlines for causing an uproar in the music industry. While the message of the video was important, it’s also important to note that Mario never actually physically hurt his girlfriend. The video was staged. Nonetheless, the reaction was still very powerful and it prompted Mario to continue his campaign to end domestic abuse.


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