What Happened to Marty on Mountain Men?

October 11, 2023

When fans learned that marty on mountain men was quitting the show, they were shocked. For eight seasons viewers had watched him as he ventured out into the Alaska wilderness to spend his sub-zero winters in a one-room cabin. They were amazed at his magnificent skills as he trapped everything from lynx to wolverines to mink. But why did he leave the show?

Marty was a member of the original cast of the reality series and he joined the show in 2012. The show followed his life as a survivalist who lived a self-sufficient lifestyle in the wild. He often had to leave his family to set up his trap line, and would spend weeks at a time living alone in his small cabin. He made a living from trapping and generated a modest income by selling his furs.

He was an experienced and skilled survivalist, and knew the dangers of living in the harsh Alaskan wilderness. He had faced many challenges and risks including harsh weather, predators, injuries, plane crashes, and even a close call with hypothermia. But he always came out stronger and better for it.

However, he did not want to be followed by cameras and wanted to spend more time with his daughter. This is why he decided to leave the show. The married father of one now lives with his daughter 100 miles south of the Arctic Circle and continues to lead a subsistent life. He also wants to pass on his survivalist knowledge and skills to his daughter.


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