What Happened to Matt Brown on Alaskan Bush People?

April 3, 2024

The Brown family has gone through a lot on Alaskan Bush People over the years, from Noah and Gabe getting married to Ami’s lung cancer battle. But the oldest sibling Matt has been dealing with his own personal struggles, too. He first entered rehab in 2016 and then again later in 2018 after allegations from two women that he raped them. Since then, he hasn’t returned to the show and has been living in a solitary lifestyle. But is he still in touch with his family?

Matt Brown has been in and out of treatment for alcohol addiction since his debut on the Discovery reality series Alaskan Bush People. He also started his own YouTube channel, which he uses to share his recovery journey with fans. He often shares tips on staying sober, such as focusing on healthy eating and exercise. The star is also a huge supporter of rehabilitation facilities, promoting them on his social media accounts.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube in September 2020, Matt claimed that production gave him and his family drugs on the set of the show. He also said that the family didn’t profit from the show despite its lucrative success, which fueled his drug addiction even more.

While it doesn’t look like Matt will be returning to the show any time soon, he does post photos with his family on Instagram. But eagle-eyed viewers have also noticed that he hasn’t been in the country much lately, suggesting that he’s still residing in California and not at the family homestead.


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