What Happened to Matt Carlson's Wife on Port Protection?

July 29, 2023

As the show has continued to air, fans have noticed that some of the residents have not been seen in a while. Some have left the town altogether, while others have decided to return to their home. Some have even gotten married. As for what happened to matt carlson's wife on port protection, the answer is unclear.

Sam Carlson's Daughter Is A Musician

While Hans and Timbi Porter and Amanda Makar left the show after Season 2, Sam's daughter Kelly continues to live in Port Protection. She has a passion for music and regularly plays her guitar and sings for the community. Kelly is also a talented hunter and is known for her cooking skills.

According to her Facebook handle, she works at a local brewery as well as owns a bed and breakfast. She and her daughter, Shipley, love to spend time in nature and enjoy the exhilaration of outdoor sports. The couple often takes their daughter on fishing excursions, and she has her own Instagram page.

What Happened to Sam Carlson's Wife on Port Protection?

Matt Carlson, Sam's son, spent most of his life in Port Protection before moving to the mainland with his ex-partner Kaylee Burk and their daughter, Shipley. In 2022, they separated, and Matt returned to the island to spend quality time with his father and get back in touch with his roots.

In an interview with Reality Blurred, the company behind the show stated that while many people leave Port Protection, a similar number of people move in and settle down there. They also mentioned that they were currently filming Season 3.


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