What Happened to Mike on Tough As Nails?

March 7, 2023

what happened to mike on tough as nails

Tough as nails is a reality competition series that takes place at jobsites and tests the strength, endurance, agility, and mental toughness of everyday Americans. It features a team of people who compete against each other, and one person is eliminated every week.

The show's format is unusual, in that contestants who lose elimination challenges do not leave the game and continue to compete against their team, which is eligible to win additional prizes during team competitions. Each competition they win earns them $12,000 and a badge of honor, with the team with the most badges of honor at the end of the season receiving a cash prize of $60,000 to split among its members.

In episode two, Michael Guerriero pushed his co-star Patrick "Freight Train" Hargan off the dock during a lobster trap-loading challenge. As Phil Keoghan explained, the push was "unintentional."

It was a very unpleasant moment that sparked some controversy, and I was personally disappointed by Mikey's reprehensible response. As Reality Blurred reported, Patrick was struggling to stay afloat, and he was pretty upset with Mikey because he felt like he didn't help him out of the water.

Despite that, Mikey did not receive any consequences for his behavior. In fact, he was even encouraged by co-creator Phil Keoghan to return for the individual competition that followed.

As a result, Mikey left the show without an official elimination and remains outside of the designated quarantine bubble where cast and crew are protected from the coronavirus. He hasn't revealed a reason for his departure yet, but it seems unlikely that he'll return to the show anytime soon.


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