What Happened to Mikey Eyebrows From Tough As Nails?

July 11, 2023

Mikey left the show for unspecified reasons. He hasn't been seen since the episode aired, and fans are demanding to know why. One theory is that he got pulled because of his aggression. Another is that he was injured in the individual challenge, and CBS asked him to withdraw.

Unlike many reality competition shows, Tough as Nails doesn't eliminate contestants who lose their individual challenges. Instead, they remain in the game for team challenges and are eligible to win money every week.

Last week, Mariner Tara Alverson was medically evacuated from the game after an old injury flared up during her individual challenge. But the show hasn't explained what happened to bricklayer Mikey Eyebrows, who was also eliminated in episode three but didn't join his Savage Crew teammates for the team challenge.

In the episode, the contestants were forced to transfer extremely slimy eels into crates while being covered in slime. During the process, Mikey pushed a stack of lobster traps into the water, knocking it into fellow contestant Freight Train. The force of the impact threw Freight Train into the water and caused him to fall onto a boat below. He resurfaced quickly, but was unable to get out of the water because there was no ladder in sight and no safety divers nearby.

Mikey then jumped into the water to help Freight Train out, which seemed like the right thing to do. But the fact that he was pushed off the ship without apology infuriated viewers and caused him to leave the show for unspecified reasons. Phil Keoghan said that Mikey "had to go home," which could be taken to mean that something came up in his family. Given how much he's talked about his children, that would make sense.


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