What Happened to Mikey on Tough As Nails?

March 7, 2023

what happened to mikey on tough as nails

Tough as nails is a competition show that celebrates America’s hardworking workers and their ability to work long hours in their professions. Each season, the series introduces 12 candidates who compete in a series of challenges on real job sites to test their strength, endurance, and life skills.

TOUGH AS NAILS is a reality competition that tests the strength, endurance, and mental toughness of its contestants in order to win a large cash prize. The show features competitors who wear their dirty hands as a badge of honor and apply their real-world job skills to complete challenges.

This season’s premiere was a remarkable one, with many surprising events that kept fans on their toes throughout the entire duration of the show. Mikey “Eyebrows” Guerriero’s unexpected disappearance from a challenge was among them.

Mikey’s departure came on the heels of another surprise, which was a simultaneous exit for Tara Alverson and Mikey. Both Tara and Mikey left the competition with no explanation, causing some to worry about their future on Tough as Nails.

The reason behind Mikey’s abrupt departure was a little bit unclear, but it was believed that he was disqualified from the competition for an incident during a team challenge that he participated in on episode three.

While aggressively trying to move the lobster cages from the Dirty Hands boat to the Savage Crew boat, Mikey shoved Patrick “Freight Train” Hargan, who fell into the water in the process.


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