What Happened To Mikey On Tough As Nails?

March 7, 2023

what happened to mickey on tough as nails

Tough as nails is a competition reality show on CBS that honors the hardworking Americans who do essential jobs to keep the country running. The 12 competitors put their real-life skills to the test at job sites and compete for a $200,000 grand prize.

What Happened To Mikey On Tough as Nails?

Fans of Tough as nails are wondering what happened to Mikey Guerriero, the bricklayer who left the show in mid-season. He was not eliminated from any challenges and his exit was sudden, so it’s no wonder that fans have a lot of questions about why he left the show.

How to Watch Tough as Nails Online

The reality competition series is filmed in New York and the US. It airs on CBS and can be watched live or on-demand through Paramount Plus.

Season 2 of Tough as Nails averaged 3.20 million viewers and a 0.46 rating in the 18-49 age group. The show’s ratings are good, especially for a reality competition series that might not appeal to everyone.

Why Did Michael "Eyebrows" Guerriero Leave Tough as Nails?

The contestant who made the most unexpected departure from Tough as Nails was Michael “Eyebrows” Guerriero, a bricklayer from New York City. He departed the show without a reason in mid-season.

Tara Alverson Exit from Tough as Nails During Episode Three

The train of unexpected moments continued on Tough as Nails in episode three when Mariner Tara Alverson, who works and lives aboard tugboats, lost her first elimination challenge because of an injury she suffered from earlier in the series. This was followed by the news that Savage Crew would lose one member, putting both teams at an even balance.


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