What Happened to Mimi on OutDaughtered?

September 10, 2023

When the season 9 trailer for outdaughtered was released, many fans noticed that Mimi was absent from it. Many speculated that MiMi had been cut from the show after she ran into some legal trouble. Michelle Theriot, also known as Grandma Mimi, hasn’t appeared on the show since her DUI arrest in October 2020. Since then, she hasn’t been mentioned on the Busby family’s social media pages.

Grandma Mimi became a recurring character on the show after she moved from Louisiana to Houston to help with Danielle and Adam’s quintuplets. She was a regular fixture in the household, but she’s also said that living with them long-term wasn’t healthy for her. She’s also been vocal about her struggle with alcoholism in the past.

In October 2020, Mimi was arrested for DUI after police noticed her car swerving on the road. They smelled a strong perfume scent coming from her car, a trick often used by intoxicated drivers to mask the odor of alcohol. She failed sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

Mimi hasn’t been seen on OutDaughtered since the DUI incident, and she hasn’t been featured in any recent Instagram posts by Adam, Danielle, Uncle Dale, or Aunt KiKi. It’s possible that the Busbys are just trying to distance themselves from her after the DUI, but if they do decide to bring her back for another season of the show, it will be interesting to see how things play out for her.


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