What Happened to Minecraft Monday?

July 29, 2023

During the final week of Minecraft Monday, the competition came to an abrupt stop after two hackers crashed in what would be known as the most controversial week of Minecraft Monday history. The hackers remained anonymous, but they did manage to leak a few competitor’s computer addresses and grief the server where the event was being held. Despite the chaos, the tournament was still one of the most popular and successful ones in the series’ short history.

However, as the game has evolved into a more mature esport, it has become clear that this type of event isn’t right for Minecraft. If a new Minecraft esports event is to succeed, it needs to have a set of rules that create equal chances for highly-skilled players and relative newcomers alike. While a few events have tried to do this, none of them have worked out.

The final week of Minecraft Monday saw Technoblade partnering with ShotGunRaids to compete as Team 3. The duo was by far the most successful of the entire series, winning three rounds of hunger games, all of the Sky Wars minigames, one round of TNT Run, lava run parkour, and Bingo Run. This record-setting performance allowed them to finish in first place overall, 524 points ahead of second.

Several of the event’s most regular competitors also decided to skip the final week of MM. Among them were a6d, Skeepy, BadBoyHalo, and ConnorEatsPants. It isn’t clear whether any of them will be resuming their participation in the future.


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