What Happened to Mineplex?

March 26, 2024

For over a decade, Mineplex was one of the most popular Minecraft servers. It offered a variety of minigames, PvP battles, and more for players looking for an alternative to the main game’s slow-paced building and traditional multiplayer. The server even partnered with prominent YouTuber CaptainSparklez to build up its community.

But just a few weeks ago, the company behind the server announced it would be shutting down its servers and website. This was a shock to fans, considering the server had just celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Without warning, the Mineplex website and servers were completely taken offline on May 12, with the server also being unceremoniously removed from the featured list for Minecraft’s Bedrock edition. A few days later, the server was closed permanently, and fans have been left in the dark as to why.

However, recent events suggest that the mystery surrounding what happened to mineplex might be solved sooner rather than later. In a recent video, Minecraft player and YouTuber SamitoD revealed that he has acquired the server from its previous owners and will be working to bring it back. While many players are skeptical, the enthusiasm from SamitoD is genuine and he seems to be making concrete steps towards reviving the server. If he can pull it off, it will be a huge relief to fans who were heartbroken by the sudden shutdown of the beloved server.


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