What Happened to Monkey Yoyo?

August 24, 2023

Monkey Yoyo, the beloved monkey with nearly 18 million TikTok followers, has died. His owners announced it in a heartfelt video.

The monkeys in the video are a bit sad because they miss their old friend. But they're also grateful that the life of a monkey like George spread happiness to so many people.

But it's hard to ignore what is happening to other monkeys online. Animal rights activists have uncovered videos of monkeys being slapped, throttled, and killed on YouTube. Some of the videos are from UC Davis, which has been the subject of criticism for its treatment of monkeys.

Monkeys can be extremely sensitive, and depriving them of the normal relationships they're adapted to in the wild can lead to behavior problems and even neuroses. In addition, UC Davis has been accused of using colored dyes to identify monkeys and causing them stress, which could lead to fatal reactions.

While Yoyo isn't in this video, he has been helping to raise awareness about the monkeys being mistreated online. He has a lot of fans, and they are mourning his loss. They're hoping that his death will encourage more people to adopt a monkey from a shelter or save one from the Internet. The family says that they plan to continue making videos with the other monkeys. In the meantime, they want to thank all their followers for their love and support. And, they ask, "Please remember to always treat your monkeys with kindness." (CNN) 2023 Cable News Network LP, LLLP. All Rights Reserved.


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