What Happened to Monse's Mom on My Block?

July 12, 2023

If you’re a fan of On My Block, then you probably know the backstory of Monse Finnie’s mother. Her biological mother, Julia Whitman, abandoned her and her dad Monty when she was just three years old and went on to live in Brentwood’s affluent community with her new husband and two white kids. Monse always hoped that her mother would return to her life one day and give her the stable home she needed, but sadly, this didn’t happen.

During the season 3 finale of the show, Monse reflects on her relationship with her mom at her funeral. She tells her father and Brian that Julia was a contradiction. She’d run away from her family and responsibilities more than once, but she always came back because she was determined to not make the same mistakes again.

It’s easy to forget that On My Block isn’t just a funny teen comedy when you spend an hour with the cast of characters from this rough neighborhood in Los Angeles. But every now and then, the series will hit you with a more serious episode that leaves you thinking about how much of a real story is behind all the silliness.

The season 4 finale is no different as the show’s cast takes a trip to Freeridge for prom. But instead of celebrating with the usual suspects, Monse goes on a date with her gangster boyfriend Cesar. And while the event is tense, Monse does something that will change her life forever.


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