What Happened to Morgan Freeman Hand?

March 26, 2024

When a celebrity suffers a debilitating injury, it can often impact their career and public image. But, for Morgan Freeman, the harrowing car accident that left his hand paralyzed in 2008 became a symbol of strength and perseverance. In the years that followed, he was unflinching in his commitment to healing and remained open about his struggle to maintain an active lifestyle and a return to his passion: acting. In particular, his choice to wear a black glove on his left hand publicly was a powerful statement of solidarity and courage.

Last night, the 85-year-old actor stunned as he took to the stage alongside Margot Robbie to mark 100 years of Warner Brothers Studios. But, it was his elbow-length black glove that drew everyone's attention.

The Million Dollar Baby actor has worn the glove since a terrifying car accident in 2008. The disaster left him with broken bones on his left shoulder, arm and elbow after his car flipped multiple times on a Mississippi highway. But the most devastating injury was the nerve damage in his left hand. Despite doctors telling him that the hand would recover by 2011, Freeman still struggles with it to this day and can't wiggle his fingers.

In recent years, he's largely been seen wearing the glove during public appearances – though he tends to remove it for promotional photos and videos. While some people assumed that the glove was covering a prosthetic limb, it is actually a compression glove that helps him manage the pain of his fibromyalgia. The device works by lightly squeezing the veins in the hand to support blood circulation and manage tingling, pain and swelling.


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