What Happened to MrBeast?

March 18, 2024

The man behind the mrbeast name isn't just the face of his channel. He also leads a large team of people who work hard to help him bring his crazy ideas to life. Unfortunately, this doesn't always protect them from the many misfortunes that can plague celebrities. This is especially true when those celebrities deal with an illness or disability that can leave them in pain if not treated correctly.

Jimmy Donaldson, known to his millions of fans as MrBeast, has made a name for himself with ludicrously extravagant and philanthropic videos. From sitting in slime to giving pizza delivery drivers thousands of dollars, the YouTuber isn't afraid to push boundaries. In doing so, he's earned his fair share of critics, including those who believe that he's plagiarizing "Squid Game."

During an interview with Lex Fridman, MrBeast spoke candidly about his dealings with the media and how it can cause stress. He also opened up about his own struggles with mental health.

Fridman then asked if he ever thought about what would happen if he were to die. While the question seemed a bit morbid, MrBeast responded with honesty and even laughed about it.

He said that he had once recorded a video for himself to watch after ten years passed — a sort of digital time capsule. He also has another that's set to go up in two years.


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