What Happened to Naomi Davis?

October 11, 2023

When Naomi Davis, the Mormon mother behind the Love Taza blog, shared a photo of her family driving out of New York City in their RV last month, she enraged some fans. Known for her picturesque portraits of young Mormon families living in New York, the move left her followers wondering how a blogger who makes a substantial income from social media sponsorships could violate CDC recommendations to stay put.

The Davises departed before the domestic travel advisory was issued, but that didn't spare them from critical comments on her Instagram post. 'You're flouting CDC guidelines and endangering your whole community,' wrote one. Others noted that the family, who moved to Arizona, is likely much more privileged than other New Yorkers and would still need to buy gas and food along their route, potentially exposing others to the virus.

Since then, the family has remained quiet on their Instagram account. But earlier this week, they posted a new sponsored image that got a lot of negative feedback, according to BuzzFeed. The picture, which shows the mom balancing bottles of vitamins on her head, was an ad for the vitamin company Ritual.

A spokesman for Ritual told BuzzFeed that the company had no connection to the Davises and did not endorse their decision to travel during the pandemic. The spokesman also noted that the post did not mention the fact that they were violating CDC recommendations or putting themselves or their family members in danger.


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