What Happened to Noah on Love Island?

March 14, 2024

All islanders walk into the Love Island villa with plenty of baggage. Whether it’s emotional trauma from past relationships or personal secrets they’re hiding from their fellow contestants, some are carrying heavier baggage than others. And in some cases, that baggage is what ends up costing them their place in the competition.

One such contestant who got kicked off the show was Noah Purvis, a 24-year-old Missouri native who stirred up quite a bit of drama during his two episodes in the UK version of the hit dating reality series. He first entered the villa during the Sept. 17 episode and then didn’t appear in the September 20 episode that aired last week. CBS scrubbed his name, pictures and bio from its Love Island USA social media and website after he was removed from the show.

It’s unclear why he was removed from the competition, but eagle-eyed fans quickly started to suspect that it had something to do with his background in gay pornography. Apparently, Noah lied on his application about being a porn star and he was ultimately kicked off the show for not being upfront about that information.

During his time in the villa, Noah made a serious effort to charm islander Moira Tumas and also helped Cely Vazquez get the scoop on Johnny Middlebrooks’ Casa Amor fling with eliminated contestant Mercades Schell. But he wasn’t around for very long, as the boys and girls each voted to send Laurel and Carrington, Mackenzie and Calvin, and Lauren and Tre home during a recoupling ceremony.


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