What Happened to Nutnfancy?

August 23, 2023

What Happened to nutnfancy?

Nutnfancy is a popular YouTube firearm, knife, and camping gear reviewer who has amassed a loyal following. His polarizing demeanor attracts both viewers who love his content and those who loathe it. He started his channel reviewing knives and firearms, and later expanded to outdoor equipment, hiking accessories, and his political and philosophical views. He has a large, dedicated fan base, and his videos generate significant income through YouTube monetization. Additionally, his brand partnerships and merchandise sales contribute to his financial success.

Show, Don’t Tell

In his videos, he explains a lot of detail about the gear he is reviewing. He also frequently cuts in video footage of him using the item in question. This approach allows his viewers to understand what he likes or doesn’t about a particular product. He is often criticized for being long-winded and lecturing his viewers, but he argues that this is a distinctive feature of his style.

Small Name, Big Ego

Many of his critics have complained that he is egotistical and arrogant. They feel that his snobby, overly-technical commentary is not helpful to his viewers. In addition, they claim that he is not as knowledgeable about guns and gear as he claims to be.

They also complain that he uses the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to take down videos critical of his work. Nonetheless, they argue that his YouTube monetization is substantial and that his popularity helps to support the firearms and outdoors industry.


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