What Happened to Officer Kingery on Tiktok?

July 29, 2023

Officer Kingery is a police officer who gained popularity for his humorous and comedic content on Tiktok. He has over 2.5 million followers on his account and is a member of the Lawrence Police Department in Indiana. He also appeared on the Emmy-winning documentary series Live PD. Despite his success on the platform, rumors have been swirling that he has been arrested for sexual assault charges.

The controversy started after a TikTok user named Jimmy Jones accused his friend and fellow CVG member, Officer Kingery, of sexually assaulting her partner, Brianna Landscaper. Kingery responded to the accusations by releasing a video and confirming that he is innocent. However, shortly after, he deleted his TikTok account and Instagram profile.

Many fans began to notice that Officer Kingery’s accounts had disappeared and were concerned about his sudden online disappearance. His account was deactivated on November 4, leaving his 2.5 million followers perplexed as to what happened to him. Some sleuths claim that he was removed from the site for s**ual assault allegations, but his followers are demanding confirmation.

A conservative influencer and stylist known as Jessi “Flawless Lawless” added fuel to the fire by releasing a video in which she accused an unnamed police officer of sexually harassing her. She did not name the officer, but implied that it was either Kingery or another police officer named Eudy or Scales. After she made this allegation, Kingery’s TikTok account and Instagram disappeared, leading many to believe that the two events are related.


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