What Happened To Officer Williams 60 Days In?

March 7, 2023

what happened to officer williams 60 days in

What Happened To Officer Williams 60 Days in

During this episode, Ashley's worst nightmare comes true when her best friend and former Texas police officer Miss Williams returns to the women's pod of Etowah Jail. She's meaner than ever, not allowing free calls to the inmates even on Mother's Day and refusing to let them be, except for shower time.

She doesn't care about them at all, and is trying to get a few of them fired for their infractions. But the women in her pod are slowly losing it and breaking down, especially Shanese who's been getting really fed up with the jail food.

Inmates are abused by Miss Williams

In this episode of '60 Days in', we learn that some of the inmates have been abused and neglected by Miss Williams. She's denying inmates their food and forcing them to wear her kufi while "on the block" and has also been housing some of the inmates with violent inmates.

Her actions are unconstitutional and are retaliation for the inmate's filing of a grievance against her, Chaplain Dunn and officers Jenkins, Baldwin and Paige.

Deprivation of food

In this lawsuit, the inmate alleges that he was denied eleven incomplete or missing meals over a three month period by Officers Jenkins, Baldwin and Paige, based on an allegation that he filed a grievance against these Defendants. The inmate also claims he was denied his right to free exercise of religion by Chaplain Dunn, and that he was deprived of his right to wear his Kufi while on the block by an unnamed actor.


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