What Happened to Omar the Ref?

March 30, 2024

After a viral TikTok video showed a youth basketball referee catching a ball, many were asking “you alright?” His name was Omar the ref from Baltimore, Maryland. He became an online sensation after the clip went viral, and his image was used in memes and edits of other videos. But now, rumors have begun to circulate that Omar has died. The rumors say that he committed suicide after being cyber bullied after his sudden rise to fame.

Thankfully, the rumors are fake and Omar is still alive. He posts regularly to his TikTok account, and he has a lot of fans. Whether it’s about his adventures or sports, Omar’s humor and good nature have brought lots of joy to fans.

The death hoax about Omar has been spread by several accounts on the app, including one that claimed to be BBC News. These accounts were probably trying to get attention by posting alarmist information. According to Distractify, these type of accounts are popular on TikTok because they can help smaller accounts boost their traffic and popularity.

Luckily, Omar is still alive and well. The rumors about his death are a fake and he is still refereeing games. The original clip that became a meme was filmed in April 2023 when he caught a ball that was heading into the crowds at Manheim’s Spooky Nook Sports Complex in Pennsylvania. He then seemed to give those in the audience a look as if he had saved them from a rogue ball.


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