What Happened to Owen Wilson's Nose?

March 28, 2024

Owen Wilson is a beloved actor for his roles in movies like Wedding Crashers, Bottle Rocket, and more, but it's his crooked nose that has garnered him the most attention. The nose is so distinct that it has its own Twitter account, a nod to how much the feature has come to define Wilson's look.

Despite his success, Wilson hasn't had any desire to change his face, which is refreshing in an age where so many stars get plastic surgery. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 2001, he opened up about how his nose became a little crooked, and it happened long before he started making movies.

Wilson broke his nose twice in high school, once in a fight and again while playing football. The first time was probably the worst because he got banged right in the face, which isn't the most pleasant way to break your nose. The second time was a little more forgiving because it was a little more roughhousing, but it still left his nose with a slight misalignment.

His crooked nose has become his trademark, and it seems to be a good thing because he's such a good sport about it. We all want to look perfect, but sometimes it's good to lean into our imperfections and embrace what makes us unique. Wilson seems to do just that with his crooked nose and his other distinguishing features, and we're glad he does because it's pretty damn cool.


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