What Happened to Owen Wilson's Nose?

March 13, 2024

Owen Wilson is an actor who has done much more than his fair share of work in the entertainment industry. He’s worked on projects with big names in the movie industry, and he’s become quite a hit with his fans. He’s starred in a number of successful movies, such as Zoolander and Wedding Crashers. He’s also a star of the Disney+ original show, Loki.

But one thing that many people can’t seem to get past is the actor’s crooked nose. While it’s certainly not the reason that everyone loves him, it’s still something that has been discussed a lot over the years.

In a 2001 interview with the Los Angeles Times, the actor revealed that his nose became crooked because of two separate breaks. The first break happened when he was a teen in high school and the second occurred while playing flag football in college. The actor says that his lopsided schnoz hasn’t stopped him from doing what he wants to do in life. He also reveals that he doesn’t mind how his nose looks, even though others think he looks “kind of odd or disfigured.”

There have been reports that the actor has had a rhinoplasty in order to fix his nose. However, he doesn’t mention it much in his interviews, so it doesn’t seem like he’s going to get it fixed any time soon. He’s more than happy with how his nose looks, and that’s something we should all learn from.


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