What Happened to Palmer's Wife on NCIS

March 19, 2024


Longtime fans of the CBS procedural have had to say goodbye to several characters over the years, but one recent death really hit hard. It turns out that the sweet relationship between chief medical examiner Jimmy Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen) and his wife Breena (Michelle Pierce) came to an end in a recent episode.

The couple met in the 7th season and hit it off right away due to their shared interest in medical science. Over the years, the two would go on coffee dates and escort each other to weddings. Eventually, they even had a baby daughter, Victoria Palme, together. But unfortunately, the good times didn't last for the pair as Breena contracted COVID-19 and died.

Despite the fact that her death wasn't shown on screen, she was still mourned by the team. It was later revealed that Jimmy was in denial about her death as he kept working and homeschooling his kids alone. He only got to grieve in a real way when Gibbs confronted him and offered to stage a memorial for his wife.

In an interview with ET, Dietzen said that the decision to have his character's wife die was a way of spreading awareness about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. He also added that the producers originally didn't intend for so many sad episodes to air in such a short period of time, but because the season was shortened, they had to keep the drama coming.


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